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Qwizzy’s World lets you create a quiz for any age group: from kindergarten thru' post grad! Create any number of quizzes from your own study materials. Create a quiz when the subject matter is fresh in your mind and refer to study materials to ensure your answers are correct. Make quizzes throughout the year and they are available at any time for revision, and to prepare for end of term exams.

Once you join, you are able to create a quiz immediately, choosing from true/false, multiple choice, open-ended, and more! All your quizzes are stored in memory and are available to you immediately. Quizzes are also presenbted to you to take in a random manner when you log in, keeping the material fresh in your mind.

Our unique Buddyshare facility also allows you to share the quizzes you have created with friends, or archive them and share with your siblings when they reach the same grade!

Our create a quiz web site is fun, and at the same time, tremendous benefit to study. Keep track of your grades and watch them improve as you use Qwizzys World!

Create a quiz to revise homework, study for exams, train for pop-quizzes.


The 30 day trial gives you the chance to experience Qwizzy for yourself! I look forward to hearing from you and having you as a member of our World!

Welcome to Qwizzy’s World – Where Studying Comes Easy!

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